Artist Statement



I try to approach each painting with a minimum of predigested information. I look at the world with the natural curiosity of a child, always looking for unique qualities that each new moment brings with it. Showing how skillful I am is not important; in fact, it gets in the way. I believe talent is the ability to take risks, and with that in mind, I am willing to risk all every time I paint. The most exciting paintings for me are the ones that have a bold, fresh approach and at the same time show the sensitive and subtle workings of the heart and mind.

I do not have any formulas. I am always searching because I’m far more interested in what I can learn today than what I accomplished yesterday. I paint intuitively–if it feels right, it is right. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. I paint loose, free and spontaneously, not only because it satisfies me but it also allows the viewer to involve themselves visually and emotionally in the painting. I let their imagination finish the painting while my imagination has made that possible.

Technique wise, I am very interested in translucency in my paintings.        I paint in many mediums including oil on linen, a combination of acrylic, pastel and watercolor, as well as drawing. I am experimenting continuously with new materials   and technology.  I believe this is    the portal to creativity.

– Al Lachman