A Happening - 24" x 30"

A Happening


“AI Lachman is one of a very few artists, another being Wolf Kahn, whose work is fresh and new while remaining true to the traditional values associated with museum quality painting. His use of materials and colorsset him apart as a visionary genius without having to resort to the pitfallof taboo subject matter.”

Peter Bartlow, Owner of Peter Bartlow Gallery, Chicago, IL (January 10,2008)

“The approach that Al Lachman takes when creating his artwork is a combination made up of thorough academic grounding and fresh, original expression of ideas. His palette ranges from pastel to deep jewel tones. Everything is in motion. At second glance, however, a depth of emotions and social consciousness is revealed. The viewer is gradually made aware of the range of reflective undertones. We come to realize that Lachman has observed and understood the complexities of life, and has skillfully depicted both the joy as well as difficulties that life affords.”

Erika Jaeger-Smith
Associate Curator of Exhibitions
James A. Michener Art museum

“Al Lachman’s passion and sensitivity can be seen in all his work. He is never satisfied to rest on past achievements and accomplishments and is always pushing the envelope in his painting. I especially enjoy looking at my many Lachman paintings as the progresses and watch them change as the light passes from morning until evening. They seem to be living embodiments to his extraordinary talent. I have always believed that Al Lachman’s work has not been fully appreciated since it is a certainty that someday Al’s work will hang prominently in major museums around the country fortunate enough to be able to obtain his work.”

Randall C. Flager, Esq
New Hope Borough Councilman